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Perforated Plate
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27 Dec 2018
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Specification of

Perforated plate is one type of construction material in the form of plate sheets with symmetrical holes on the surface. These plates are manually or mechanically stamped or pressed to create patterns such as holes, slots or other decorative shapes.


  • Architecture: Infill panel, building column cover, cladding, metal signage, fence, etc.
  • Food and beverages: honeycomb construction, rice dryer, wine place, fish farming, cheese molds, cake trays, etc.
  • Chemistry and Energy: filters, centrifuges, basket drying machines, battery separators, gas purifiers, liquid gas burners, etc.
  • Automotive: air filters, oil filters, radiator grilles, motorcycle sound absorbers, grid ventilation, tractor ventilation engines, etc.
  • Construction: stair tread, ventilation grille, sun protection, facade, sign board, etc.

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